Before running Memcalc on my NW 6.5 SP4 server, I checked the size of
DS by looking in Segstats.txt. It was in the Top 5 Memory Consuming
NLM's at 29 MB of memory. (This is a small business server.) After
running Memcalc, I checked the _NDSDB.INI and found the following


I didn't see the other parameters that are listed in Hamish's document
such as 'cacheadjustinterval, cachecleanupinterval or
blockcachepercent. Should this be a concern?

Now when I look at the DS.NLM memory in segstats, it is shown as 40 MB.
I thought that by using the _NDSDB.INI file, I was 'locking' the amount
of memory available to NDS to the 33.5 MB number shown above but that
doesn't seem to be the case here. What am I missing?

What happens now if eDir grows and bumps into the size we have
pre-allocated for the eDir cache? Do I get a warning or anything?

One other question (I posted accidentally as a reply to another message
in a completely unrelated topic-duh) are the calculations in Hamish's
article. Looking at Hamish's Document on Memcalc, I can't get the
same numbers he gets for his example for the FCMS value. Since the
server has more than 3.2 GB, the formula according to the doc should
be: (P - (P / 10) - NC - U) = 3757543552 - (3757543552/10) - 565481472
- 559448064 = 2,256,859,661 but the doc says it should be
2,256,535,552. What am I missing?