Been trying to get NMAS and NFA working on our 6.5 SP5 servers, and we
have managed to get the Mac to log in using Universal Password...

but now, whenever we enable NMAS, we lose the ability to login on PC's
using the 32 bit Netware client from our VLAN's.

In short:

Disable NMAS, no NDS login problems on the local LAN or any of the VLAN's,
but no Mac login.

Enable NMAS, and we can login with Mac using NFS, or on PC's with NDS
using the 32 bit Netware client from the local LAN, but we lose all
connectivity from our VLAN's. We can see the server, but login fails every

If we disable NMAS on the 32 bit clent in the VLAN, we can login...but
this poses a problem as we have too many machines to go change this on
each machine one at the time.

Obviously we are missing something server-side here...

advice please?