I'm having trouble getting started with scripting on netware. (nw6.5sp4)

I need to be able to use cron to schedule 3 rsync processes but I don't
know how long they will take and I don't want them running together.

Basically I want any method at all of being able to start rsync then start
another when the first has finished.

I thought it would be simple to use perl but find that the syntax that
works to "execute a command and wait" on perl for linux or windows does
not not work for me on netware:
$result = `ext_command` #uses backticks
with this method the external command (myrsync.ncf) never runs.
myrsync.ncf runs fine on the command line and contains this line:
sys:\rsync\rsync -arz -v --delete / myserv::USERS --volume=USERS: --
port=873 --progress

I've tried using NLM's instead of the NCF file and find that only the
first one runs. Closing the first NLM (say nwconfig) does not cause the
second to run and in fact the script never completes.

I've tried the perl "system" function too. Multiple rsync's all load at
once. Perl docs state: "parent process waits for the child process to

If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.
Many thanks