Sorry about the repost (from Didn't get any takers
there and it's somewhat time sensitive. -Thanks.

Greetings. We are still using the %LOGIN_NAME variable to map our
user's home directories. We cannot use %CN becuuse many of our users
have longer login names but the home directories have a max of 8
characters. Also, for some reason a good number of users don't have the
home directory attribute set in eDir (don't ask, I have no idea).

We'd like to implement NetStorage/NetDrive however when a user logs in
the drive mapping for the home directory using the %LOGIN_NAME variable
returns a "Bad request!" apache error page. If the home dir attribute
is set the Home mapping works fine. I can't use a line in the login
script to skip the F: drive mapping when using NetStorage because so
many users do not have the home dir attribute set.

Any suggestions to get this variable to work?