Netware 6.5 sp4
2 new clustered servers each with one volume SYS:
a shared scsi SAN with a shared VOL1:
cluster working, failing over, printers setup and printing perfectly with
NDPS folder on VOL1:
we can manage print broker and print manager perfectly from NoRM
sys:etc/hosts file in each SYS volume has an entry for the cluster volume
cluster load script is:

nss /poolactivate=VOL1_POOL
mount VOL1 VOLID=254
add secondary ipaddress
NSS /Transaction=VOL1
Load BROKER .Ars_Broker.MAIN /noipx /allowdup /ipaddress=
Load NDPSM .Ars_Mgr.MAIN /dbvolume=nocheck /ipaddress=
/ens=.Ars_Broker.MAIN /rms=.Ars_Broker.MAIN

I am having two problems in Netware Administrator (logged in as ADMIN):

First Problem:
In the properties of the NDPS Manager Ars_Mgr I get the following error when
clicking on the "Printer Agent List" button: "An error occurred while
accessing the Printer Agent List. Make sure the NDPS Manager is
running..... Message number 490". I then get a "ObjectWindows Exception -
Create Fail for Window Untitled,0,NSnapInMpewDialog. Ok to Resume? Yes/No" -
and NwAdmin aborts...... oo000oo bad. The NDPS manager is running, loaded
by the cluster and printing is working perfectly. We can even tell the
iPrint client to notify us when the job is complete and that works.

Second Problem:
When I go to the properties of any printer and attempt to set Notifications
in the Access Control section by selecting a current Manager (admin,MAIN)
and hit the Notification button, I get the following error. "Requried
Notification Methdos are not available or the printer is shut down. Verify
that the Event Notification Service is enabled (with notification methods
loaded) and that the printer is running. Message number 275". Niether
situation is true - the printer is active and ready, and the ENS methods in
the properties of the Broker are loaded and enabled.

I have been working on these problems for 3 days and would sincerely
appreciate anyone's help. Thank you in advance