Recently our campus was audited by an external security company and one
of the recommendations is the SNMP security issues for NDPS printers.

Currently, we are running NetWare 6 with Novell gateway, Xerox gateway,
and HP gateway. There are over 80 Xerox Workcentre Pro 55 advanced multi-
function and 150 HP printers on our campus. By default, the SNMP protocol
is enabled on all HPs and Xeroxs. The SNMP GET community Name on Xeroxs
is public and the SET Community Name is private. Both SNMP GET community
Name and the SET Community are blank (no community string at all) on HPs.

My questions are:

1) How bad is the SNMP security issue on Novell NetWare 6? What
can happen on NetWare? Can you give me some examples?

2) I have tried to disable the SNMP protocol on HPs and Xeroxs and
I also tried to change the SNMP GET community Name and the SET Community
Name on HPs and Xeroxs. It caused the communication error between NetWare
and the Xerox. How can I change the default SNMP GET and SET Community
names on HPs and Xeroxs without interfering clients?

Thanks in advance.