We have a test nw65sp3 server in a test tree on our network which has 2
nw65sp3 servers for production.
We obviously did not install user licenses on the test server because it is
now displaying the message on the console "unable to obtain connection
license unit. Error # C0001002".
We also received the message that there was no server license, it had
Installed a server license.

We have 100 user licenses on our production server but we don't use all of
them and never have.
Would it cause a problem to remove 5 users from the production server and
install for the test environment?
I thought the OS always came with a 2 user license for access. That is all
we really need.
Do I just need to reinstall the test server to get the 2 user license

We have had the test server up and down for a year and never have this
problem. We probably always installed licenses during the installation!