Must be my day for problems.

Hello again,

Recently removed an old NW 6.0 server from our network. The removal went
through without a problem, except...

One NW6.5 SP4a server is displaying the following error on the Apache
console screen:

>13:23:12 LDAP initialization failed.

>13:24:10 13:24:10 Configured LDAP was found ready to use.

>13:24:10 13:24:10 *MASTER[][-1] ldap_simple_bind :

Can't co
ntact LDAP server(81)

>13:24:10 13:24:10 ldap *MASTER[] down

>13:24:10 13:24:10 LDAP initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart


"myserver" is the server that was removed.

This is the only server where the error appears. Apache/Tomcat are
running. Other NW servers running Apache in our network do not display
this error.

I know that iFolder was installed on the problem server quite a while ago.
We are not using iFolder, however.

Anyone know where I can look for the configuration settings that would be
pointing this server to the old/removed "MASTER"?