I have a number of different NCF files I use to manage my Netware servers.
A number of them deal with my use of rsync to get config files from all the
servers to a central location, synchronize software install directories our
to remote sites, bring data files from remote sites back to central site for
disaster recovery/backup, etc. One problem I currently have is that there
alot of things that are hard-coded in them (i.e. the DNS name of the server
to rsync to in particular). I would like to set an environment variable on
each server with the value it should use for some of these items (which I
can do with the "setenv varname=value" command). The issue I have is that I
can't seem to see any way to use this in the NCF file. I can't have a
command similiar to "rsync.nlm -r -a -vv --volume=SYS: /SYSTEM/autoexec.ncf
%RSYNC_SERVER_LOCAL::CONFIGS/TEST/ --port=873 --progress --stats --log-files=sys:rsync\logs\test.log".
Anyone know of a way to make something like this work natively (without any
third-party applications I would have to purchase)? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.