I realize this is kind of off the wall, but . . . Thought I'd give it a try. We are in a pure Novell environment (No MS Domain and don't really want one).

(All IPs are false to preserve the identity of the innocent.)

LAN/WAN configurations: Partial T1 WAN with HQ router and 12 field office routers connecting to the HQ router. Six of the FOs are subnetted (either or for one Class B range and the other six are subnetted for another Class B range. The HQ office has two Class B ranges and are subnetted for both (

I'm on the HQ subnet ( and can see all Windows workgroups in my LAN environment/segment. What I want to do is be able to see all Window workgroups within the WAN environment in the widows explorer "Microsoft Windows Network" section under "My Network Places". I've tried changing my subnet mask to a more open range, but all that does is make the Windows workgroups I use to see disappear.

We own the XXX.XXX.24, XXX.XXX.25, XXX.XXX.96 and XXX.XXX.106 IP addresses.The 96 and 106 are on the WAN. Each WAN PC has been hard coded with their own IP and subnet mask (either or and the default route address of their router.