I am having a lot of trouble with OFM on one of our NetWare 6.5 servers.

The server is running NetWare 6.5sp5 with the post sp5 server.exe. The
server has a total of 4gb of memory. We use NetBackup Enterprise Server.
This server is just a NetBackup client which includes OFM. I am running
NetBackup client 5.1mp4 and the OFM version is 94.01.07. I've already
checked to see if there is any newer version available from Veritas - I have
the latest version.

OFM works for the first few days after the server is started and fails after
until another fresh server start. I suspect the problem is memory related
and wonder if it can be tweaked. Currently the server is using auto tuning
for memory.

First 2-3 days after the server is started OFM seems to function and the
snapshot pools are deactivated normally after the backups complete. After
the server has been up for several days I start seeing messages like

Pool SYS_SP: system data I/O error

Volume SYS_SV: system data I/O error

Error reading VolumeData block

Error reading PoolData block

Eventually the snapshot pool is deleted and deactivated

I've attached the current output from seg

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sandra Tokash╠Sr Network Engineer╠Lodgian, Inc