The only reference I found to this was this thread , which suggests TID 10090550. I tried that and it hasn't worked.

For some reason, NRM is redirecting (after the certificate is accepted) to

Oddly enough, on many servers when you try to go to http://servernameorip (which brings up the Novell Welcome Page), a "SERVER ERROR" page is displayed. TID 10090550 fixed that (re-add public as read/filescan to SYS volume) but did NOT resolve the NRM issue.

I've done file-by-file comparison from working servers to those that aren't' working and they are a match for config. PKIDIAG checks out good on the three affected servers without NRM (we've got 19 that need the 10090550 fix for the Novell welcome page, 3 that need NRM)

I've tried a number of other threads related to tomcat/NRM not working but haven't had any luck. Any suggestions?

NW6.5 SP3 / OES SP 1 with POST-SP3 fixes


Preston Gallwas