I'm testing out the idea of using a CIFS domain on our network to simplify
user account management on the workstations. Right now it's all local user
based and provides a lot of extra work to add users and when they move
around. I've setup CIFS on one of our netware 6.5 servers, run the ADDACL
on the root O of the tree and added myself as an Admin and a test user to
domain users. When I try to add a win2K server to the domain, it asks for a
user name and password, I've tried username, username,context,
domain\username but everytime it gives me a login failure: bad user name or
password error. Does anyone know what I might be missing as the documation
i've found for this is somewhat limited and I've run out of ideas. Thanks.

Galen Yalch
IT Manager
Northwest Research Group, Inc.