We have been running sniffs on our LAN and WAN connections trying to
determin the cause of network bottlenecks. In doing so we discovered
that our Novell server (6.5 spk5 with all patches applied) is sending
packets to an external server. Sniff capture below

"No. Time Source Destination Protocol Info
20 17.050637 servername.domain SRVLOC DA
21 17.050771 servername.domain SRVLOC DA
22 17.051362 servername.domain SRVLOC DA

The address acording to a Whois search appears to be a DNS
server on the internet. Why would my server be trying to register with a
DNS server? We are not running any web services, iPrint, iFolder,
Netstorage, etc. Why would our server be going to this address and how to
I make it stop?