I made a post yesterday regarding this issue. It turns out that the
system with which I am experiencing these problems is actually running
NetWare 6.5, so I posted in the wrong forum. There are two HP LaserJet
2100 that I cannot print to (through the Novell client on Windows 2000).
They are attached to the network via JetDirect adapters. The JetDirect
adapters are set in "queue server" mode and have corresponding node names
on the server as well as the configuration page. Also the IPX/SPX Status
is "Ready" (on the configuration page printed by the JetDirect device). I
can print to each printer in Windows 2000 when I connect to them via
TCP/IP. I was advised to check out the "Monitor" on the server. I looked
around a good amount but did not find anything that could help me fix this
problem. I am very new to Novell products so any tip, even basic ones
(advanced ones are fine too), will be much appreciated. Thanks for the
help in advance.