I was finally able to join my workstation to my novell server hosted domain
but now i'm having an issue of user rights management. Currently,
Anyone with a Simple or Universal Password defined can authenticate to the
domain, regardless of group membership.
Anyone who can authenticate to the domain can join the domain/add the
computer - not sure if this is correct, I thought only domain admisn could.
Anyone who can authenitcate to the domain will join as a user - this means
anyone, admins, users and random people with a UP password alike. No one
can authenticate as an admin.

Basically the sum of it is that none of the groups under the domain object
seem to be doing anything. I tried removing a user from the domain users
group but they can still login just fine and as I've said, I am unable to
get admin rights to the local workstation through any account.

Any help would be great as I'm finally close to having this resolved and
being able to administer only 1 user account on my network for a change, as
oppose to running around to each computer and adding local accounts as need
be, or updating an admin account on every computer in the network.