We use a single NW 6.5 SP5 server running DHCPSRVR as a company DHCP Server.
This services many subnets around our WAN. We are in the process of adding a
second VLAN to each physical subnet, for the purposes of VoIP. We will use
the voice VLAN to provide QoS on the LAN switches.

We are told by the carrier that manages our WAN links and routers that the
Cisco routers cannot be configured to determine which VLAN the DHCP request
came from, so we are hoping to have all DHCP requests sent to our single
existing DHCP server using the existing data IP helper. Then, the DHCPSRVR
will determine the mac address of the requesting device, and relay the
request onto another DHCP server for all IP phone handsets.

Is this possible to configure using DHCPSRVR?


Nathan Chattaway