I am having issues which appears to be affecting filesystem rights in
every location on our WAN.

If I make a Group a trustee of a directory and give it rights, then I
make a member of that group a trustee of a subdirectory, granting him
no rights, he inherits rights from his group membership anyway. The
group has all rights (excluding Supervisor and Access Control) to the
directory. The situation doesn't change when I give the group fewer

Removing the user from the group removes the rights to the folder and
subfolders for that user. Adding the user as a trustee of that same
directory then 'revoking' the rights of that user further down results
in the user only having rights granted by the explicit trustee.

Is this a known issue with a possible workaround (other than using
something like an IRF or having to redo our groups to work around this
'bug/feature')? I was unable to find a TID dealing with this issue.
We are running Netware 6.5 SP5 on both servers i've tested this on
(both are NSS volumes)