I'm preparing to move data between servers. Our older servers all have file
compression enabled, which is making it challenging to understand the
amount of data that we will be moving.

I've used the NLIST /VOL /COMP command to gather the amount of data on each
of the volumes, which is a big help. However, I would like to get more
granular with the data that I'm collecting. Specifically, I would like to
drill down to a directory such as USERS and get the amount of data listed here.

I can run the NLIST /COMP command against a drive mapping for this
directory, but it gives me a summary at the bottom for that particular
directory. Enabling the /S command lists all of the subdirectories, but
again each directory has a summary at the bottom. I exported these results
out to a file for the USERS directory and the result was a 5MB text file.
This makes it extremely cumbersome to try and total up the total disk space

So does anyone have a suggestion on how I can collect this information? I
did a pass through the Cool Solutions area as well as a couple of freeware
sites but have not seen anything yet that meets my need here.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.