I was doing some work on the servers today and noticed that one of our
servers ( failed logins per hour was peaked at 910... I
looked further to find out that all the failed logins were this (with
the exception of the timestamp):

Time: Wednesday, 7-26-2006 3:56 pm
Address: IP
User: .CN=admin.O=xxx.T=xxx.

I'm assuming this server is trying to autheticate to itself as admin
for some type of system process, but was wondering if anyone has
insight as to what is causing the problem. I have not made any
password changes to system related user accounts, nor made any
significant changes to the server. I checked the logs and noticed that
the failed logins looked normal up until last friday where it peaked at
832, and since then hasn't returned to normal.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this or can explain whats
happening? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Justin Peachey