I think I blew it. I changed the domain on our isolated test network
runing NW65sp5, from istlab.k12.ca.us to istlab.org. I also changed
all the hosts, resolv.cfg and hostname files to reflect the new domain
name and made the corresponding changes on the (local) dns server's files.

Now, what doesn't work is GW65 WebAccess and this (I believe) is because
the Apache server won't run correctly. When I start it with AP2WebUp I
get an error on the "Apache 2.0.54..." console screen that reports, "LDAP
initialization failed".

LDAP, via an LDAP Browser, works well and makes both secure and
anonymous connections.

svrMANZANITAOne is the root certificate server. Another, svrAppLab, runs
both the webserver and all GWise Domains, POs and agents.

Here's the entire text:
LDAP initialization failed
Configured LDAP was found ready to use.
NIF CertHandler: Root certificate file for the master ldap not found,
requesting a new one from the server.
NIF Certhandler: # Root Certs=1.
NIF Certhandler: Retrieved Certificate of size=1330.
LDAP initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart Apache.
<end quote>
This text is repeated ad nauseum.