We have a Wide area Network with four locations. All 4 servers are
running Netware 6.5 Service Pack 5. We have one server running SLP NLM
with a set scope in DS. (No slp.cfg configuration), all the other servers
have an slp.cfg that points to it. Most of our clients are XP and are
running the Netware Client 4.1 SP2. Intermittently, when the user logs
in, they will attach to the wrong server and will not get their drive
mappings. We have to reboot several times, and it will eventually
connect. Somestimes, we can just put the IPAddress in the client and that
works. I have tried setting the preferred server on the client. I've set
the SLP flag using DHCP etc etc. We still get this issue intermittently.
We are not running IPX, its a pure IP environment. Is anyone else having
this issue ? Any suggestions on how to ensure that we attach to the
proper server ... or some way to guarantee that they execute the proper
login script and get their drive mappings.