I'm looking to replace all or most of our hubs (yes,hubs) and unmanaged
switches. Our basic layout is six pre-2000 TrendNet 10/100 12-port hubs and
a Linksys 10/100 24-port hub connected to a TrendNet S2424 10/100 24-port
switch. Over the last couple of years, I have added a NetGear DS524 24-port
hub and a NetGear FS524 24-port switch to replace failed 12-port hubs and
provide some expansion. I know I should be using all switches. Any
recommendations or advice would be appreciated. Any suggestions as to
brands/models? As you can tell, it's been a long time since I have dealt
with this. Below are some details about our existing network usage and
growth plans. I only have about $6000 for this.

I have about 90 workstations and a number of printers, copiers, etc. all
connecting to the 8 hubs and the newer NetGear switch. These all connect to
the Trendnet switch along with our four servers and our Internet connection.
This is all in one rack and we are entirely in one building. I would expect
a total of 160 ports would cover any growth we could have in this building.
We are primarily a NetWare 6.0 network with two MS 2003 servers if this has
any bearing on your answer. We do mostly file and print internally with a
couple of heavily used databases in the 3GB size range. We are doing remote
access of email (both by PC and Treo) and will be adding file access via
iFolder in the near future. We have VoIP connectivity with a 6 person
satellite office and they access their GroupWise email via caching mode, but
no other data connectivity. As far as how much of a load we put on the hubs,
the best I have is the Utilization LEDs on the hubs themselves that show 20%
or less most of the time with few or no collisions. Let me know what other
info I can provide.