I am a Novell virgin! I recently installed a Novell 6.5 server alongside
my Windows 2003 server. I am running my databse from the novell server
because it is programed in clipper and seems to run faster in Novell. I
have 30 odd workstaions connected to a Windwos 2003 Domain and we access
the novell server by a mapped drive. All the programs that run against
the Novell server run on either the 2003 server or an xp workstaion. I am
not running any client software on the XP machines.We have installed the

The problemS I am getting is - quite a few DOS error 5 (access denied)
and various progs on the w2003 server seem to run slower. It seems to me
that there are locks on the Novell server when more than 1 user or
programS try and access the databases on Novell.Are there file handles in
Novell like there is Windows? I have played around with the number of
permissions in Imanager without success. All users have superviser rights
Do I need to run a client on each workstation? I am running the network
over tcp/ip

any help would be appreciated.