All of a sudden my user licenses went to 3 soft stop with 2 allowed as if I
had an eval license.
I deleted all licensing objects 1. 1 license SN, 2. 1 license container, 3.
1 NLS-LSP object. Then ran setupnls to create a new nls-lsp object and
installed the license. Still getting 601 and 603 errors, so I ran dstrace
according to TIDs 10015356 and 10016572 (10067212 is the process I just
described for reinstalling licenses). I am still getting 601 and 603
errors and only two users can login, admin and me. All other users and
workstation objects create connections in monitor and dstrace shows errors
for each connection. This is a new install, but it is complete and was
production until now. It has Groupwise and Messenger and both are allowing
users to access those resources. Any ideas would be very helpful.