It seems I'm seeing a lot of complaints in the newsgroup about problems
with the latest C1. Now I've got my one issues to report...

ConsoleOne 136f has a really bad problem of locking up when making a
change to a user object. For example, just today, I was creating a new
user. After the initial data entry screen, I selected "define
additional properties". I key in the first name and BAM! Lock up! I
have to go into task manager and kill the process. It does this well
over 50% of the time.

Also, I was trying to change a password on a user. Opened the user
object, when to the password section and keyed in the new password.
Pressed apply and I got "please wait, waiting for NDS sync". I gave it
a good 2 minutes. It probably would have waited forever if I didn't
kill it through task manager again.

However, I can go back into 136C (I still have it installed on my
system) and I don't have these types of issues. But of course, I can't
use 136C because the new Groupwise 7 plugins are in 136F. So now I'm
stuck running dual copies of Console1.

Anyone know how soon before 136G will be out?