We have a number of Netware 6.5 servers, several of which are used for
serving applications to users. We have been using preferred server
distributed to clients via dhcp to allocate a preferred server to clients
based on their subnet. The idea was to balance the load across the servers
to some degree. However when the preferred server is down for any reason
the client cannot login (i.e. it doesn't authenticate to a different
server). If I blank out the preferred server on a client then it
authenticates to any of our netware servers. However, we do not want
clients to login to some of our servers (these servers have replicas of the
partitions the users are in for other purposes - i.e bordermanager server
etc.). I have read about 'DISABLE LOGINS' command that you can issue at the
server console, however I have also read that this shouldnt be used with
NDS/eDirectory as it is a hang over from the past. What is the best way for
me to allow clients to authenticate any of the servers we want them to use,
but not other servers we don't want them to log into?

I'm sure it is a simple question... just not sure the best way to tackle this.



MCNE Netware 6