We are trying to push a Windows XP and Windows 2000 by creating a Console
One (Ver 1.36f) Policy Package and editing the Windows Group Policy. Our
environment is Netware 6.5 using ZenWorks Desktop Management 6.5.20.

We need this policy to push down specific URL's into the Trusted Zone list
as well as set Security Settings in the Trusted Zone to access an internal
web-based application properly. We need it to push down to machines that
log in without administrator priviledges.

While this has not been a problem with the Windows XP policy, it looks
like in Windows 2000 we cannot get all the necessary templates in the
Group Policy Editor. Under Computer Configuration\Administrative
Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Security Page, the Win2k
template does not include the Site To Zones Assignment List or the folder
for the Trusted Sites Zone.

Is there any other means to push the rights and sites we need to our
Windows 2000 users?

Thank you.