Yesterday night, running content maintenance of Groupwise and little minutes
after a scheduled dsrepair -rc, the processor went to 100% utilization and
nothing works there.

Runing the server with -na option, it runs OK. I disabled all lines from
autoexec.ncf, except the search lines and the set commands, the problem
happened again.

When server starts, I can run monitor and see processor utilization...It
alternates in 5-6%, goes to 0% and suddenly goes to 25%. The detail is that
it's a dual processor with dual core, so for Netware it has 4 processors.
So, I can imagine that this percentage is from 1 processor (100% / 4
processors = 25%). So, we have a superutilization on 1 processor.

When the processing is in 25% (or 100% thinking in 1 processor instead of
4), if I run any nlm it freezes the server.

To turn around until we open a call to novell, we started server -na and
mannually load the only thing we need, that is mount, ldrconag and

But now, I can't access the server anyway: doesn't map drives, can't
authenticate to nds when trying to load messenger, cant authenticate to nds
when try to make a backup with brightstor agent, couldn't make a backup
using rsync.

We have already called novell, but I am sharing for any Idea and will post
the solution.

Thankyou in advance.