We are experiencing an odd password issue.

In the current Netware 6.5 tree we never had password expiration setup
(long story why not).

When I started this project of expiring passwords, we noticed that
passwords changed in Console One were not propagated to AD (we use DirXML
2.0). We solved this problem by using the info in TID 3435895.

Once I started putting in password expitation dates I ran into new odd
problems. I mass-changed 15 users in Consoleone to have their password
expire the next day, they also got 6 grace logins. All the info was
viewable in consoleone. Once a user changed thie password, the password
expiration and grace logon info in consoleone went grey.

I think there is a NMAS issue of some sort. I just do not know where to

The servers are Netware 6.5 sp3. PC are XL sp2, client ver 4.91.

Phil j.