Hey All,

I am looking for some tool/utility to simply copy files from vol1 to vol2 at
the console. I need to copy 60 gig of data.

CPQFM only does 8.3 format, even if you change it to long. NCOPY doesn't do
it without errors of files being too deep. Toolbox copy (2004) had
problems with large files AND files too deep. (these are Dell servers)

I have a 300 gig volume/pool (vol1) that has about 60GIG of data. I want to
move this server, with portlock, to another server. The other server
doesn't have that much drive space. So, I have another 80 gig volume/pool
(vol2) on the same server as vol1. I want to copy the entire contents to
vol2. Then, I will rename vol1 to vol11 and rename vol2 to vol1, do a
trustee restore, and then I should be able to move the pool/volume.

Never had to do this before so... Copying to a windows box, and then back
again is going to take HOURS and huge bandwidth.

Thanks in advance.