On several pages in the oes documentation one can read about purge.

One of the nifty comments is this:
19.5 Salvaging or Purging Deleted Files
Whenever users delete files from the server, the files are retained
and can be recovered (salvaged) until they have been purged.

IMPORTANT:Files that have been purged can no longer be restored from

Deleted files are purged from the volume when one of the following
events occurs:

The Purge Delay setting times out. Deleted files are purged

19.1 Configuring the Server-Level Parameter for Salvage
By default, all NSS volumes on the server can optionally use the
salvage feature of NSS to save deleted files for some predefined time
or until space is needed.

Now the question: how do u set this !predefined time! timer?

I know u have the time for deleted volumes, but now the parameter for
the files.....