i did ****** up the whole DNS and it was completly messed up, so i deletet
zone and DNS-server.
Then i recreate DNS-server and zone.
Crated a A-record for server and a PTR-record for server

Ran NAMED and i could ping servername from a client.
Then i created a CNAME record for ZENWSIMPORT and pointed it to servername.
This doesnt work! I reload NAMED.

So A-record did work, but not CNAME. Then i deletet zenwsimport and create
a A-record for zenwsimport.
Reload NAMED but i still cant ping zenwsimport.

What can i do?

Server is NW6.5 SP6
Client WinXP w/Client 4.91SP3

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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