I administer a Netware 6.0 SP5 eDir 8.6.2, two node native cluster. Friday,
I attempted to delete a file that is located on the SAN drive array and got
an error message that it was in use. I can open the file (it is an acrobat
file) but I can't delete, save, rename or change the attributes.

I checked the file with Whohasit and found that my ID had the lock on the
file. I attempted to clear the lock with Whohasit but it gave an error
message and could not unlock the file.

After that I restarted my PC, logged back in as Admin and tried to delete
the file with Console 1 but got an error message that the "file failed
deletion for an unknown reason."

I have run dsrepair and tried again to delete the file but Windows and
Console 1 still give the same error messages to the effect that it is in
use. Whohasit can't even check it now.

Any advice on how to trouble shoot this problem would be greatly


Mike K.