I am investigating some "wierdness" with one of our NW65SP5 servers. This
particular server has update 1 applied (none of the others 14 do).

Over the weekend users at this remote site reported that they could not
login and when we tried to connect to the server remotely we were unable.
It turned out the DS was locked. The night before NetBackup ran to backup
the server and this morning I discovered the component NetBackup uses to
backup open files had somehow been enabled again; this had previously been
disabled when we found it was crashing our servers. I am not sure
exactly, but I've been told this has something to do with Open File
Manager (OFM).

Anyway, I am hoping this was the problem but I was just looking in the
Health Monitor in Remote Manager and I see that Available Memory is
sitting at 624MB, this server has 3,319MB. I compared this to a oouple of
our other servers, which do not have Update 1 installed, but do host the
same services, and both of them have just over 1GB available.

I am not sure if this is even related but how do I tell if I should be
concerned with this? Is there a way to see how much RAM this server

Thanks for the help.