Hello all,

I have 1 server that no matter what, when I go in NoRM, I have a few dozen failed login attempts per hour, sending it into the "bad health" category.

It is Netware OES 6.5 sp6. It is our main file server, iPrint Broker and Manager, Virtual Office, iManager 2.6, DHCP/DNS, Novell Storage Manager (Files system factory sentinel) and Sophos AV.

I have dozens of these errors per hour.

Time: Monday, 2-12-2007 3:17 pm
Address: IP
User: .CN=Admin.O=XXX.T=ZZZZ.

Is there some way to figure out what is trying to login or where it is coming from? My assumption is that there is some service on the server that is trying to authenticate to do something. I am not sure what or where it is located.