I have run latest memcalc on NW6.5, sp6 and am astounded by the number of
changes it suggests, including turning auto tune off.

I have lots of seemingly contradictory advice on what to do, but am inclined
to give this a try. Is there any easy way to back out these changes? Are
most applied via autoexec.bat (the -u thing) and autoexec.ncf?

My applied the suggested file cache change manually and may wait to see what
happens. I had doubled it on suggestions in a TID I read.

In looking at things, over the last few days, I see that SLPDA seems to
slowly creep up, in memory usage, until it is the largest consumer. If I
unload it, it releases all. Upon reload, it consumes a minimal amount, then
starts eating again.

This is a single server tree, with nothing special going on, that I know of.
Can't understand why this should happen.

joe a.