Not sure if it is ok or not to post this here, but I am pretty stumpped
and figured I would give it a shot.

I have three servers - 2 Windows 2003, 1 Netware 6.5. All fully patched
with the latest SP's and Patches.

I installed Symantec Backup Exec 11.0d on a Windows Server, and installed
the remote agent on the other Windows and the Netware server. I can
backup either of the two Windows servers fine, but Backup Exec won't let
me connect to the Netware server. I tried using the IP Address, Server
Name, and Server Name - W. Everytime I try to connect it says "Access
Denied". The agent is installed on Netware and I started it using the
command "bestart".

Also, if this helps, the server isn't showing up in the list either. My 2
Windows ones show up, the Netware one isn't listed. I tried putting it
under user defined items.

Am I doing something wrong? I am new to this program, and the
documentation for Netware is pretty lacking. All help is appreciated.

Thanks alot,