Im not sure if this question is in the correct area but here goes:

On one of our servers, running NW65SP5 it has started to have "latency"
effect when scrolling through folders, i.e there are pauses when
highlighting a folder, whilst it displys the contents. It doesnt do this
all the time, but starting doing it often enough to notice.

Looking on the server I have found by looking in TCPCON --> STATISTICS -->
IP that there are a large amount (and climbing) of INCOMING DISCARDED
DATAGRAMS Local Errors. This is running at about 5% of the total received.

(looking on all other servers, the number is so small its not worth
mentioning, just as you would expect)

So ive created a logger file and in there i get the following:

RECEIVE:pktid:17934> ttl:128
UDP:Source Port:137(NETBIOS-NS) Destination Port:137(NETBIOS-

Discard Incoming: cause(UNSPECIFIED DISCARD), reason
RECEIVE:pktid:17934> ttl:128 (UDP)

surrounding this are lots of correct transmit and receive, but there are a
few of these type, probaly does work out at about 3%, in line with the

Does anyone know why this is happening, how to fix it etc.