C1 1.3.6e or 1.3.6f. NW6.5 OES SP5 server.

Installed C1 on new pc which came with XP SP2.
Have found C1 is installing some files to c:\windows\system32.

Was using XP SP1, later upgraded to SP2, on the old pc.
Found pbscrpt.dll is in old pc's c:\winnt\system32, but
not my new pc's c:\windows\system32.

After C1.3.6f install, copied pbscrpt.dll to new pc's
location of c:\windows\system32. Did not fix the
following persistent error when loading C1.
"This application has failed to start because PBScrpt.dll was
not found. Reinstalling the app may fix this problem."

Reinstalling C1.3.6f does not fix.

It as if C1 is confused between the c:\winnt and c:\windows
locations. This has happened with a total of 3 dll files.

What am I missing? Thank you to all.