Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone could help us figure out how to work with the
syslog.nlm that came with NW6sp5. It loads perfectly, but except for some
comments in a syslog.pl script (which requires an absent syslog.ph file)
we have not be able to find any kind of documentation.

What we hoped syslog.nlm would do, is create a logfile that could be
handled by syslog-ng (and splunk behind that). We had hoped to find some
documentation, or even a small "help syslog", a snippet through
google, but ... nothing!

It seems syslog.nlm came with/ was tied to Netmail, but one would think it
could somehow be made to work? The logfiles do not have to be send
anywhere, as we are hoping to use ncpfs to "tail" the syslog files.

Its really a challenge to get this to work without tools like Monitorware.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!