We currently have all our windows (XP and 2000) workstations
authenticating to Netware 6.5 using Novell client software. We have
applications which require Windows Domain Authentication.

On the Novell Client location profile the Windows login is <Username> from
<Domain> which seems correct but when the user is authenticating to the
application the credentials which are being passed are
<workstation><username> instead of <Domain><Username>. I don't understand
how to get the workstation to pass the correct credentials to the domain

We have a mix of client 4.91 sp2 and sp3. I would rather not uninstall the
client if at all necessary as this I'm sure will cause it's own problems.

We have IDM3 syncing passwords from eDir to AD so passwords are not an

We have dynamic local users enabled also in Zen 7.0 Policy.

Any help would be appreciated.