I looked on Novell's web site and the closest thing I found to CRON
documentation was for Netware 4, but I seem to have it working. I
really tried, but there are a dozen or more categories of documentation.
I tried the ones that made sense to me. So, ...

Whither current CRON documentation?

I'm playing with Linkwall, a BorderManager add-in, and trying to get it
to reread its configuration files which only happens when it loads, so
I've got this

* * * * * unload linkwall
* * * * * linkwall.ncf

in my CRONTAB. file, but I'd love for it to be every 10 minutes and not
every minute - but more often than every hour. Is there a way to get to
do this without

0 * * * * unload linkwall
0 * * * * linkwall.ncf

10 * * * * unload linkwall
10 * * * * linkwall.ncf


Also, is there a way to keep LOADING MODULE <nlm_name> from appearing on
the console? Most of it goes to the logger screen but this doesn't -
something along the lines of "> nul" in a batch file.