i have a question about some unwanted Drive mappings.
Client is running 1 Netware 6.5.3 server.

They are in the process of moving their workstations from Windows2000 to

Here is the Situtaion:
Currently, When a user logs in on their Windows2000 workstations, they get
a H:\ drive, S:\ drive, and a W:\ drive.
This is how its been for 4+ years now.
Works great.

But, when that same user logs in from a WinXP workstation, they get the 3
drives (H:, S:, W:) but they Also get a F:\ & G:\ drive.
F:\ maps to the TRYFS01:\SYS (volume)
G:\ maps to the TRYFS01:\VOL1 (volume).

Where is this F: & G: drivemapping coming from?
(I get these mappings as an Admin, but i do not want the regular users
having these mappings.)

No settings were changed on the server. The Context is the same on the XP
So i really dont know why this is happening.
I was thinking about adding that "NO_DEFAULT" setting into the container
where the users are....

But before i do anything crazy, i figured i better ask for some help! = ]

So, does this problem sound familar with anyone else?

Thank you again!