We are running NW6.5 SP3

I have run the dstshift.nlm without any (observed) problems.

We use ConsoleOne & iManager here, so in addition to the Netware Java patch
we need to update the JRE for ConsoleOne.

I d/l the tzupdater patch from Sun as stated in the NW TID articles.

To update the NW6.5 Java (TID3980430) I copied the patch to a temp folder in
the sys volume & ran it as directed. It seemed to work as there is now a
zi.tzdata2003a folder in the sys/java/lib folder.

Attempting to follow the instructions to update ConsoleOne (TID3639513), on
my XP workstation I mapped a drive to
sys/public/mgmt/consoleone/1.2/jre/bin. From a command prompt I then ran
the tzupdater (same syntax as above). It seemed to run as expected, gave me
the '...time zone update is complete' message.

BUT when I went to look for the new zi.tzdata2003a folder in the
sys/public/mgmt/consoleone/1.2/jre/lib folder, it is NOT there.

AND when I look on the workstation I ran this from there IS a new folder,
zi.tzdata2003a in the
c:\program files\java\jre1.4.2_03\lib folder.

I was expecting the zi folder in the ConsoleOne folder to be updated, which
it appears not to be.

Any suggestions/comments?