netware 6.5sp5
windowsxp sp2
client 4.91sp3
since a couple of day`s users in our network can only login afer a reboot
of the workstations. at the first try to login a message comes up
immediately :
login failed, please check username ans password . . .
but the username and password are correct.
then the users rebooting their workstations and the login is working.
i have checked nds health status. all servers are up and running fine, no
replica or time issues.
what i found is on my master replica server many login failed per hours (
over 500 ) :
example :
Time: Monday, 26.02.2007 9.12
Address: IP
User: .CN=Username.OU=Users.OU=Department.O=Company.T=Tr ee.
can someone help me to find the probleme ?

thank you !