I have posted this question in the GW-forum already but it turned out
being more a nrm
than gw problem:
Loading gwpoa.nlm causes the error message:
-Return from IPMgmt Register = FFFFFFFF errorcode = 8-
unloading gwpoa.nlm returns:
-Return from IPMgmt Deregister = FFFFFFFF-
Obviously the error is generated by nrm and not a big issue as it seems
not to affect gw function. System is NW6.5SP6, GW7SP1
I checked the IP addresses and ports (which are all ok) and even
substituted symbolic addresses by numeric addresses. But the error
message still comes up.
GWPOA does not show up in the IP address mgmt of nrm and GWMTA
has registered with port 7100 (as configured) but also port 9100 (which
not make sense). Clicking the port 9100 entry of GWMTA on the mgmt
-IP Address Management Configuration Error Unable to find the IP
while the port 7100 entry for GWMTA returns the data as expected.
Does anyone know how groupwise registers with ipmgmt? Obviously it does
not use
the method by appconf.xml in system/ipconf as described in the ipmgmt