Can anyone help with this.

Iím on NW6.5 sp3 and sp5 servers. We have multiple OUs with multiple
servers in. Each OU has a:

650+Netware 6 Server+ Novell
650+Netware 6 User+ Novell

Inside the user OU I have my users lic which are in 5 user increments.
This is all working fine.

Iíve just purchased an additional 50 user licence, but this time I do not
get the user NLF to download. Iím now being told that Novell has changed
the way licensing works. You get a MLA server licence instead. Iíve been
told to delete all my current users licecnces and add this new one.

This is a bit scary, what happens if it doesnít work? Iíll have about 1500
users that cant login. Does anyone know about this change?