I have updated my Java version to java 1.4.2_13, which as per Sun has
the correct timezone info for the DST changes on 3/11. The Olson
version for this jre is 2006g, which appears to have the correct
timezone info. However, when I run either the tzupdater version 1.0.0-
b03 or tzupdater version 1.0.1-b01 I get errors when running the
program with the -t flag for test. I get different errors for each
version, which I assume is related to the diffs in the Olson data.
However, I would like to be sure. Also, as a test I have run a zdump
against the zi directory for jre and it appears to have the correct
info - is this the only test you can do or are there any others?
Based on the errors I am getting from the tzupdater I am a bit
hesitant to use it as the defacto.
Finally, I was also wondering how you change the timezone info
for a java version, which is not the standard OS version? For example
I want to update the timezone info for a jre in /export/foo and no
where else on the system. do I simply get into that directory and
make the change? Do I need to set the $JAVA_HOME variable and run it?