I'm am preparing to deploy a scoped SLP config in our NW65sp5 environment.
We have two ORG containers representing two campuses separated by a WAN
link. All our servers reside at the root of these two containers. There is
a server in each ORG container with read/writes of both ORGs, so I am going
to put the DAs on these two boxes, and the scope object in one ORG
container, with both DAs configured to use it, and pointing at one another.
I don't plan to create a separate container for the DA and scope objects,
since the services themselves register within the scope object (as a
container), and both servers will already possess a read/write of the
container with the scope object. This will keep the DA, scope and server
objects all together at the same level in the tree.

So, one "scoped" scope servicing two DAs that point to each other and are
separated by a WAN link running on Netware boxes that each old read/writes
of both containers. Does this sound correct?